Atrophy 1– House of Names (2008)

Work description

The project conveys the artist’s ironic confrontation with her name and identities which have changed countless times throughout her life for different reasons. Ayrin Ersoz reflects these atrophic moments in a performance of interactive video, music and dance inspired by Calvino, Galeano and Kundera. Denying the direct gaze and all forms of representation on stage, the performance offers the audience a chance of self-confrontation.

– Atrophy 1 – The House of Names – ENG

– Atrofi 1- İsimler Evi – TR

Work details

Written by Ayrin Ersoz, inspired by the texts of Eduardo Galeano, Herakleitos, Italo Calvino, Jacques Lacan, Michel Foucault, Milan Kundera, Tomris Uyar; by the Old Testament, by the condition of the world and of herself.
Choreography: Ayrin Ersoz
Music: Ceren Akcali, Ayca Dastan, Tansu Eginlioglu
Interactive Visual Design: Bager Akbay, Gulfem Erdogan, Irfan Kaya
Photography: Gulnur Kilic
Translation: Ceren Yalin
Premiere: 16th Istanbul Theatre Festival, May 28, 2008